The 2016 Knit Plan

As I mentioned last week, I really want to bring a cohesive design to my patterns in 2016.  I want repeatable themes, and color palettes that work well together.  Based on projects that I’ve already started, I think the following will get me pretty close to what I’m trying to achieve.

Design Mood Board

I love the muted color palette with the lavender, taupe, cream, and brown, especially with that bold purple up top.  All designs will feature some aspect of cables or lace, and some very casual texture details perfect for daily wear.

This may be overly ambitious, but I’m really hoping to finish two projects each month, one self-published design, and one project from my ever growing Ravelry queue.  I’m anticipating that this list will be quite fluid (especially since the Brooklyn Tweed Design Team is launching another collection mid-January!)

What are you planning on knitting this year?

4 thoughts on “The 2016 Knit Plan

  1. jem arrowsmith says:

    I like your colour choices and look forward to seeing your new designs. My knitting list keeps growing every day, I am working on a shawl design at the moment and will be casting on the Norrland hat this week.


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