A Hop and a Skip

Over the weekend I finally had some time to block my Hop Brook Shawl.  I finished this shawl at the end of December, and it was just one thing after another getting in the way of me blocking it.  I’m planning on taking some photos in it later this week so you can see it with better lighting!

The pattern was so well written, and I loved the mix of garter stitch and the lace edging.  Plus, the subtle v-shape of the shawl is so wearable.  If you’re used to wearing scarves, and are not sure how to style a triangular shawl, this pattern is the perfect way to dip your toes in.

The yarn was Elsawool Cormo 2ply fingering in white.  I used just a little over 1 skein as I worked the increase section a couple times more than called for in the pattern.  The wool is soft, squishy, and quite warm, it was a treat laying it in my lap while knitting.  After being blocked, it bloomed magically.  I will definitely be using this yarn again!

So what’s next?  I think it’s about time that I finish up my Newsom Cardigan don’t you?  I’ll be bringing that project with me to knit night on Tuesday, with any luck I’ll be able to finish it up!

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