Distraction with a KAL

Anna Vest KAL

I’ve managed to finish two and a half of the 4 projects that I’ve been commissioned on, and while it’s been fun working my way through the list, I’m sad that I don’t have much to blog about in the meantime.  I think I need to maintain a small side project to post about while working on those super secret designs.  Luckily for me, Karen Templer is hosting a sweet little KAL for her Anna Vest pattern that was released in Farm to Needle.


The yarn called for is X, though after seeing Anna’s recent Tolt Yarn and Wool Instagram post, I’ve decided to use Retrosaria’s Beiroa, a single ply DK, instead, in the 409 colorway, a rich cream.  Since it’s a DK weight instead of the called for Worsted, I’m going to knit a size up, and hope for a casual loose fit (after swatching, of course)

There are no deadlines with the KAL which is perfect for me, but seeing all the fun photos on Instagram will help to keep me motivated.

What is keeping you going these days?

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