Liege – Deconstructed

Sweater_2015-07-28_5I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately about Liege, and I thought it was time to break this pattern out piece by piece with some handy visuals.

To start, let’s talk about the braid cables.  Starting with a provisional cast on, you’ll work a braid cable hem working in one direction, follow the short row directions to turn the cable, basically pointing it up to start creating the neckband.  Once the corner has been turned, you’ll place these stitches on some scrap yarn while you work the second braid cable in the opposite direction, and turn that corner as well.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 3.58.07 PM

Once both braid cables have been turned at the corner, the next row you’ll work the braid cable stitches of the Right Front, pick up stitches evenly along the whole rest of the braid cable for the rest of the Right Front, the Back, and the Left Front, ending by working the braid cable stitches of the Left Front (see the diagram above).  Sets of purl stitches are used here to mark out the side seams, and the placement of those three cables that travel up the back of the cardigan.

Once all stitches are picked up, you will now be directed to do several things at once:

  1. The cabled neckbands – until the length to Neck Shaping has been worked, you’re doing a neck band cable of some kind every row.  (C3 front or C3 back – depending on the row).
  2. The side shaping – at each side of a “side” P1 st, you’ll be doing an increase to create the flattering fit from waistband to bust.
  3. The cable moves – these are the tricky ones.  Essentially, to slant the cable to the Right, you decrease first, work the cable, then make an increase.  To move the cable to the Left, you make an increase first, work the cable, then make the decrease.  (the photo below is my original design swatch, showcasing the cable move.)


This pattern may be a bit finicky at first, but it’s such a cool project to show off once you’re done with it!


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