What I'm Working On

I’ve finally managed to finish the 3 garments for the Holla Knits Design Collection Competition, and let me tell you, that was quite a feat!  I can’t wait to show you how these knits started as an idea and turned into full blown sweaters!

While working on those, I had been sneaking in a few rows here and there on the Anna Vest, which is a KAL being hosted through Fringe Association’s Karen.

I’ve been finishing up my design list for the year, and I have a few Klever Knits self-published pieces on the horizon.  Keep an eye out for a sweet summer tank and lightweight spring pullover.

Linen Quill

With the launch of Purl Soho’s Linen Quill, I quickly snatched up two skeins of Lavender Opal, a very dust lilac color that I’m in love with.  I’m not quite sure what to make with this yet, but I’m envisioning a very open and airy scarf to wear throughout the rest of spring and into summer.

I’m hoping this week I can share some FO photos of my Anna Vest, and maybe some teaser swatches of what’s coming!

Coming Soon:
Interweave Knits, Summer 2016 – Pathway Tee
Knit Picks Lace – Austen

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