Home & Knitting Again

The honeymoon is over and Jason and I are safely back home, despite a few hiccups.  My phone was stolen which was frustrating, as I wasn’t able to post any photos of the places we were going or what we were seeing.  But I received my new phone in the mail yesterday, so expect to see some posts from me now!

I took three knitting projects with me: a lace and garter stitch shawl, a lace linen top, and a v-neck cardigan with lace accents.  I almost finished the shawl, but had to stop to check for the appropriate size with some longer needles that I had at home.

I was able to finish the front of the top, and am planning to finish the back and sleeves by the end of next week.

And last night I was able to block one front piece of the cardigan, and will be blocking the other front piece this evening. I love this yarn, it is Madelinetosh Pashmina in Betine, a dusky rose/taupe color.  Worked on size 6 US needles, it makes for pretty easy knitting.



As some of you may know, Jason and I got married on July 3rd and we’ve been honeymooning since!  We arrived in Paris a few days ago, and have been walking along the Seine and seeing all the sights.  Since we’re both lucky enough to have this be our 3rd trip to Paris, we’ve been able to enjoy our time at our favorite sites.

Our first full day was amazing, we left the hotel and walked to the Eiffel tower followed by a long leisurely walk along the Seine towards the Musee d’Orsay, which houses one of my favorite paintings by Renoir.  Unfortunately, it is still on loan in Japan – looks like we’ll need another trip!

After that we went to the famous love lock bridge and got to place our very own lock, something Jason promised we could do on our last trip if we came back when we were married, and now we’re married!

The evening started off great, enjoying dinner at a local restaurant and hanging with the crowds in the street as Paris beat Germany in the Eurocup.  However, the evening took a turn for the dramatic when we were walking back to our hotel and two teens stole my phone right out of my zippered purse.  Luckily all they took was the phone, but I was devastated to lose all of my photos.

Today is our last full day in Paris before heading to Brac, Croatia for a relaxing week on the beach.  Can’t wait!