Hitofude Cardigan

I was asked the other week to knit a Hitofude Cardigan for a woman who shops at one of the yarn stores that I shop at.  Normally I don’t knit for pay, choosing to design patterns and only knit for friends & family, but this time I thought, why not?  I can enjoy the knitting process, try out a new pattern, and use a different yarn and color palette than I’m used to.  So I agreed, and off I went.

I started with the gauge swatch, and I had to go down to a size 2 US needle to get gauge, though the pattern called for a size 4 US (the importance of swatching!)

Then came the math.  Jan had asked that I make the cardigan with long sleeves, instead of the elbow length sleeves.  Since the pattern starts with the sleeves & back being worked all at once, I had to add additional stitches to my cast on.


So far so good!