Trip Knitting & Back to Work

Our little getaway to Cabo was pure enjoyment.  We sat on the beach, read, slept in, and chatted for 4 days.  Being able to unplug and relax in the warm sun is just so nurturing to the body & soul, and I am so lucky to be able to vacation like this.

In my last post I mentioned that I was taking Jessamin with me, and was going to use Quince & Co Kestrel in Sand. I cast on, and immediately changed my mind about the pattern I wanted to knit.  I love Jessamin, but I really wanted a fuller front, something that would swing just a little bit more.  Luckily, I had another pattern queued, Quick Sand, by Heidi K.  and knew it was exactly what I was after.  Normally, I’m not a huge fan of the way she writes her patterns (I’m just not used to looking up numbers in charts for stitch counts, but her directions are always clear), but I set my judgement aside and cast on anyway.  The design has an intriguing way of shaping the body & sleeves using a circular yoke approach over the more traditional top down raglan shaping.


Using Kestrel and size 9 needles, this thing worked up quite quickly.  I think if we had 3 more days in Cabo (if only!) I would have been able to finish it.  But coming home also meant getting back to my Christmas knitting and I’ve been making some good progress there.

In the next few weeks though, I’m hoping to start showing you some of my knitting ideas for 2017, a mini pattern collection, better posts, and an updated website.

Oh, and a new house and home state!  Soon I’ll get to talk about road trip knitting in greater detail, so keep an eye out for that.


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