Setting my Sights on Summer

We are thick in the middle of Spring, and with our recent move fresh in my mind, it has been the best time for cleaning house, both literally and figuratively.  We still have boxes that need unpacking, and furniture that needs building, but slowly the house is coming together piece by piece. The most recent purchase being our dining room table which I love, and was able to use this past weekend.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 6.35.05 PM

This feeling of needing to clean has started to affect my knitting (finally!).  First, focusing on the house has taken away significant amounts of my time, and my energy for that matter, so the amount of knitting I am getting done has decreased as a result.  Since I’m knitting less, I’m being more careful in what I spend my time knitting.  And because I’m being choosier in what I knit, I’m enjoying it more. It’s been awhile since knitting was just something for me. I’ve been so used to posting on instagram all the time, struggling to publish as many patterns as possible.  Without that pressure, I am getting more enjoyments out of just knitting. There are two main projects that I have been working on, both of which happen to be original designs. Once those are completed, I would like to work on the following:

Perkins Cove
Yarn: Sparrow by Quince & Co in Viburnum

Quick Sand
Yarn: Kestrel by Quince & Co in Sand

Atlee Tee
Yarn: Willet by Quince & Co in Windlass

Togue Pond
Yarn: Kestrel by Quince & Co in Urchin

Yarn: Kestrel by Quince & Co in Ash

It is not lost on me that these are all Quince designs & colors 😀

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