Quick Weekend Knits


Two weeks ago Karen announced the start of her second Hat-along, and I quickly ordered two skeins of Road to China in Riverstone, a warm beige-cream yarn, excited to cast on for the kal.  But, when she revealed the pattern, my heart sunk just a little bit.  L’Arbre by Cirilia Rose is a gorgeous pattern, but I had already made my own version after seeing the stitch pattern on Pinterest.


Instead of foregoing the kal, I decided to find another pattern that I liked, that would suit the yarn, and I think I’ve found that match in Dreiecke.  This will be the perfect little side project while I’m working on my lace tunic!

What are some of the things that you’ll be working on this weekend?

The Ultimate Boyfriend Cardigan


As many of you are aware, the Brooklyn Tweed Design team has finally released their second iteration of BT Men, check out the look book here.  Every single design in here is something that every guy in your life would love to wear:  classic, simple, and just a little bit rustic.

And I don’t know about you, but I want to make a few of these for myself!

BT Men Shield with Yarn

The one that I am obsessed with is Shield, a cardigan worked in Brioche stitch with some faux cabling on the sides.  This would look so great in a soft, muted color like Postcard, or Foothills.  The pattern currently calls for Shelter, and the smallest chest size the pattern is written for is 39 3/4″.  If I switch to using Loft, I can use the given written instructions for one of the other sizes (determined by a must-needed gauge swatch).

What is the pattern that you’re dying to make?  BT or otherwise?

Summer KAL – One Round at a Time

Lace KAL

My co-worker and I are slowly working our way through the written instructions of the lace tunic and so far so good, she’s worked her way to round 30, and I am slightly ahead at round 40.  It’s a little hard to show my progress with my stitches on the circular needle, but you can get an idea of how this is shaping up in the pic above.

If you’re following along on Instagram, feel free to tag your photos with #kleversummerkal so we can see how we’re all doing!

And this week, stay tuned for the following:
My crochet blanket progress
A new pattern launch
and a new design collab with some knitting friends!

Klever Summer KAL – Casting On


Over the weekend, I cast on for the KAL, and I am so excited about this yarn.  I got super lucky with the color, I am absolutely obsessed with it!

The tunic starts by casting on at the center of the lace square, with 4 dpn’s and 8 stitches.  If you’re not used to this kind of cast on, it’s going to be a little fiddly for the first few rows.  There are a few different methods to make the cast on a little easier:

Disappearing Loop Cast On
Pinhole Cast On
I-cord tail

For mine, I cast on 8 sts on one dpn.  Using the second dpn, I knit 2 sts, with the third, I knit another 2, with the fourth, the next 2, and with the fifth, I knit the last 2.  Very carefully, I rotate my needles, and knit the first stitch of the round, and pull the yarn very tightly, to close the loop as much as possible.  After a few fiddly rounds, I was on my way!


The first 20 or so rounds fly by pretty quick, and the increasing pattern becomes fairly intuitive.
On Wednesday, we’ll discuss the double yo in Round 20, and the 6 stitch-increase in the double yo in Round 21.

I hope you’re all enjoying this as much as I am! If you’re following along on Instagram, feel free to use the #kleversummerkal I would love to see all your WIP photos, and answer any questions as they come up!