Good Morning Wool

I don’t know how the team at Brooklyn Tweed does it, but every tine a new issue is released, my must knit list grows exponentially!  This morning the Wool People 7 Look Book was released, check it out in all of its glory here.

Above are the patterns I was the most drawn too, can you tell I love knitting with grey??

From the perspective of a somewhat newbie designer, this is what I am striving for.  I look at these patterns, and more than wanting to knit them, I want to learn from them.  How did they incorporate waist shaping?  And armhole shaping?  How did they write the pattern to make it easy for any knitter to understand.  I’m obsessed with all those little details, and I hope they start seeping into my designs.

But I’ve decided that I will challenge myself.  These designs are going on my knit list, but I won’t use grey for a single one of them!  I think I’m going to actually create this list now, just so I can keep track of everything!


Progress Report

Knitting on the Lake

I’m happy to say that despite a tight deadline, I am on track to complete my sample for the Holla Knits Home Issue, having completed 8 of the 9 pieces.  I can’t wait to show these things off, it’s been a process to get here!  Luckily, I had a full day of knitting on Easter, hanging out on a boat at Lake Castaic.  Went wake-boarding in freezing cold water, but it was definitely worth it!

This sample has been a bit of a challenge for me, I don’t think I’ve ever designed and redesigned and redesigned something quite so much.  Every iteration that was “complicated” just didn’t look right to me, and in the end, simple was the best choice, and I’m so glad.  They now have a simple elegance to them, and will be a perfect backdrop to your home.

I broke down and bought the Citrine yarn for the Tarta cardigan I was lusting over the other day, check it out here.  I’m using this cardigan as motivation to complete my two Holla Knits samples quickly, and it’s working so far!

Must Knit List

I know I’m late to the party here, but the Tarta Cardigan by Heather Zoppetti is perfect.  It combines clean lines with feminine shaping, and I love the subtle transition between the two colors.  The pattern calls for a DK weight yarn, and I think I’ve found the yarn I would like to knit it with, Shalimar Yarns Homage DK.  Right now I am particularly drawn to the cream color Oyster and am really tempted to use the neon yellow, Citrine, let’s see if I can commit to this!

I also have a few more designs waiting up my sleeve, but I first have to finish two major pieces of sample knitting: Elemental Linens for the Holla Knits Home issue, and the Axial Cardigan for the Holla Knits Fall/Winter 2014 issue.  I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone at HK, I feel so lucky to be able to be contributing to the site, and I hope I can continue to do so!

Tomorrow morning I will be announcing the winner of my Cafe Au Lait Giveaway, thanks to everyone who entered, but new readers and old!  It’s not too late to enter!