Designer Collaboration – Carlee


As I’ve been teasing for a few posts now, I have been working on a design collection with Holly & Teresa, and I’ve finally managed to finish my pattern for the collection!  I’ll be opening it up to test knitters on Ravelry shortly, but I couldn’t help but share just a little tease shot.

This project was fun to knit, and fairly uncomplicated as there is minimal shaping, and besides seaming & blocking, literally no other finishing required.

If you’re interested in being a test knitter, check out this post on Ravelry.

Project Sidebar – Fox Paws


Well, I’m happy to say that one design is complete, and ready to be test knit (more on that this week!), so while I’m waiting for some other yarn to arrive, I’ve decided to start Fox Paws.  Yup…that Fox Paws.

This weekend, I drove up from Huntington Beach to go to Santa Monica for a yarn store’s 1 year anniversary celebration.  If you’re ever there, check out Wildfiber Studio, it’s a pretty great shop!  I browsed around for a little while, and ultimately purchased some Madelinetosh Pashmina for a new design idea (this one to be published as Klever Knits).

Since I was already in the area, I drove a few extra blocks and headed to  Compatto Yarn Salon and started making my way amongst the cubbies.  Then, I saw it hanging up on the wall as if it was just any other scarf pattern.  Yet, it somehow drew me in, it looked magical – Fox Paws by Xandy Peters.

The next hour or so was spent trying to find just the right color combination I wanted to use.  It should come as no surprise that at first I was looking at very neutral colors:  grey, black, white, a beige, and a sage green stood out to me.  As I was laying the skeins out in the store, I started subbing in some other colors and started going down the color rabbit hole.


Ultimately, I purchased 5 skeins of Baah! Yarns LaJolla in La Perla, Sage, Majestic, Maldives, and Black Pearl.  I was determined to make this my “few rows at a time” project, and let me tell you, I’m so glad I did that.

If you ever want to humble yourself as a knitter, give this scarf a whirl.  Clearly I was much too confident, as I cast on 121 stitches right from the get go.  Row 1 – knit one row. Got it, this is easy!  But then on Row 2, it quickly became very clear that I was doing something wrong.

So I decided to cast on just 21 stitches – enough for one full repeat of the pattern.  And that little bit took about two hours to get just right.  And while you’re working it, you have no idea if you’re doing things right, the piece just looks really wonky on your needles.

Things I learned from my swatch:
1.  Even though this is knit flat in rows, I’d recommend using a circular needle so that your stitches can nest on the cord.
2.  My needle size is probably just a little too big for the desired look I want – so I’ll cast on again with size 5’s for the real thing.
3.  Take your time working the K5tog’s….they are hard.

Some time a long time from now, I hope to have a finished version of this to show you!!

Clued In


I finally had a chance to start Clue 4 of the Mystery Shawl KAL being hosted by Kelbourne Woolens.  This Clue was quite an undertaking – long rows of garter stitch holds it’s appeal for only so long!

The shawl’s shape is starting to take place.  First, we knit a very long strip of edging, from which we picked up stitches to build the body of the shawl.  There’s a center panel which is flanked by two garter stitch triangles that are being shaped to create the shawl.  Right now, the only lace patterning is in the center panel, though it looks like that is about to change in Clue 5.

Coming up this week:

I’ve finished a sample knit for a pattern collaboration with Holly from Silly Little Lady and Teresa from Canary Knits, and will be needing a test knitter soon.

Annnd, I should be receiving some yarn in the next few days for two design submissions which I can’t wait to talk about!


Finished Knits

The Knits

I finally managed to finish the second hat and scarf for my co-worker’s sisters this past weekend, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how they’ve turned out!

Clue 4 of the Kelbourne Woolens Mystery Shawl KAL was released on Monday, and if you’ve never knit a shawl before, you should follow along.  The instructions are amazingly clear, and they walk you through what’s going to happen before it does, allowing you to learn to read your knitting.  Plus, it’s nice that the knitting is broken down into manageable pieces.  I can’t wait to finish Clue 4 and post some photos!