And the KAL Beats On!


Well, I’ve finally managed to join all the pieces together for my Backbone for the Holla Knits KAL.  I’m really enjoying my yarn choice this time around, it’s definitely a different look than the cotton I used in the original design.

Can’t wait to post some finished photos soon!  And I’ll be sure to post some finishing tips & tricks, luckily, there is not much finishing needed with the seamless nature of the pattern.

And, don’t forget to keep voting for your favorite designer in the Holla Knits Mini Competition, here!

Holla Knits Competition Round 2

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Vote HERE!

Round 2 is underway for the Holla Knits design competition, and this time, the vote is no longer blind.  Now you can read all about the 4 finalists (myself being one of them), how they created the theme behind their collection, and about themselves as a designer.

I am beyond excited to be participating in this competition and to have made it this far already! You can see my collection, High Seas, and read all the details here.

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Backbone and Other Projects


I have been making some good progress on my Backbone take 2.  Last night I finished the Right front piece, removed the provisional cast on and began working the Left front.

It’s a totally different experience knitting this the second time.  The first, I was focused on keeping track of every stitch and row so that I could create the pattern for Holla Knits.  Now that the pattern is done & edited, I can relax while knitting the vest and enjoy the yarn that I’ve chosen.

As my onslaught of deadlines are quieting down, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I want to work on next.  After sorting through my Ravelry queue and my design ideas notebook, I realized that I had about 6 or so projects that I’ve started and not yet finished.  Even though it’s not going to be all that exciting, I’ve decided to make a very conscious effort to finish up those projects before starting anything new.  So keep an eye out for some of these designs as I begin to finish them up and publish!

SummerKAL Kickoff!


It’s the official start of the Holla Knits Summer Knit-a-long, and I’ve decided to knit my Backbone pattern again, this time with a new yarn – Berroco’s Indigo.  This week we’ll use a provisional cast on to start the Right Front.  From there, we’ll be able to pick up stitches for the Left Front & the Back, ultimately joining the three pieces together for the body.

So let’s chat about the provisional cast on, there are many different versions and options out there, and if there’s one that you prefer, go ahead and use what you are comfortable with.  For me, it’s the crochet version.

Crochet Chain

You start by chaining the number of stitches required for the cast on, I tend to add three additional chains to each side so that I have a little extra chain to hold on to while picking up the stitches.  I tend to use a smooth cotton yarn in a similar weight as the yarn I will be working with.  The cotton makes it easy to pick up stitches, and makes removing the chain very easy once you’re ready to do so.Once you have enough stitches, cut your yarn and pull through the last loop.  I usually will add a knot to this side of the chain so I know which side to unravel from when the time comes.

Now, using your yarn for your pattern, pick up a stitch through the bump on the backside of the crochet chain.  Repeat this until you have the desired number of stitches for your cast on.


For Backbone, you’ll purl 1 WS row, then work four more rows even in Stockinette Stitch before beginning the Braid Cable pattern.  You’ll work the Braid Cable for the number of repeats called for in the pattern, and after following all instructions for the Right Front, we’ll set these stitches aside, remove the provisional cast on and begin the Left Front.

Tomorrow:  All about the Left Front!