Tempted Tuesday_Light as Mohair


Most of you live in a place where fall has already started, and for that I am truly jealous.  I am still wearing sandals and dresses, and maybe a light jacket at night.  Each day I dream of colder weather, and a chance to actually wear the knits I spend all year making.  I’ve decided that I should be making lighter layers than can keep me warm in my cooler office, but pieces that could also transition to warm layers for fall & winter, pieces that are meant to be paired with knee high boots and winter coats.  Mohair is magic.  Anything you knit with this gentle fiber is at once light as extremely, extremely soft, and will keep you warmer than you’d ever think it could.

Make cardigans, pullovers, scarves, or hats out the warm, light fiber to help satisfy that craving for winter-weather garments, and to actually enjoy once the temp drops below 70 degrees.

Test Knit Part 1

I managed to finish the first part of the test knit for Meiju Knits called Wasa Marin, and I’m really enjoying using this Madelinetosh Sock, in Vermillion.  It’s such a rich berry color, and the smooth yarn really shows off the lace stitches well.

I can’t wait to watch this progress and see where it builds from here!


And of course, I’m still trucking away on a knitted sample…2 sleeves to go and then I can ship it off!

What are you knitting this weekend?

Tempted Tuesday_Binary Knits

Lately I have been very drawn to knits worked in black and white yarns, or very sharp & graphical stitch patterns.

From the very subtle (the Purl Bee’s Diagonal Pinstripe Scarf) to intricate (Debbie Bliss’ Welsh Blanket).  The great thing about these designs is that they all lend themselves very well to different color palettes if black and white is not quite your thing.  Try a soft cream and rich chestnut brown, or if you’re quite daring, white and any neon color!

Wound Weekend

This weekend turned out to be a great weekend to flesh out my yarn stash a little, not that it needed it!  On Friday, I was lucky to be able to get out of work a little earlier than usual, allowing me to pop over to my lys and pick up some Quince and Co Chickadee in Chanterelle & Madelinetosh Sock in that lovely berry color (the name escapes me at the moment).

I’ll be using the Madelinetosh for a test knit for Meiju Knits called WasaMarin.  If you get a chance to check out the design, I would highly recommend it.  It’s a great light layer with some beautiful lace details and a very flattering fit.

I’ve been eyeing the Chanterelle color of Chickadee for eons now, I love that it’s this beautiful rich taupe/beige, but still has a bit of a light pink touch to it.  I’ve come up with an idea for a cowl, and I think I might submit it to Q&C’s current Call for Scarves. And if they don’t accept it, I’m making it anyway, because I quite like it!

And if Friday wasn’t enough, Jason and I made it down to San Diego this weekend for some dirt bike riding and surfing, and it just so happened that they were having a yarn crawl down there.  I only managed to make it to one shop, The Black Sheep in Encinitas, but that didn’t prevent me from getting some Prism Delicato Layers in Lichen.  I really wanted Antique (a white, cream, and taupe blend), but Jason gently nudged me into getting Lichen – he loves color, I’m more cautious.

I’m still trying to find the right pattern for the Delicato Layers, but I at least know it will be a cowl, and it will have to have some lace involved.