Moving On & Yarning Over


After a month of working exclusively with linen based yarns, first the Herald Shawl which I will have blocked by next week, and second, a design for Louet Yarns, it’s very nice to be having amazingly soft yarn running through your fingers.

Webs was running a sale on The Fibre Co’s Road to China Worsted, a perfect blend of Alpaca, Cashmere, Camel and Silk so I scooped up several skeins of the Autumn Jasper colorway.  I’ve been having a cowl design percolating in my mind for several months, just waiting for the weather to cool, and to have some free time to knit it up!


We’re still waiting for the cooler weather in So.Cal, but I couldn’t resist starting it anyway, now that I have a few weeks of “free” knitting time.  I’m loving the mix of the cables and lace in this luxury yarn and can’t wait to have this wrapped around my neck this winter!

Great Northern Knits

Through Holla Knits, I’ve had the pleasure to get to know Teresa Gregorio of Canary Knits.  She is working with another fellow designer, Leah Coccari-Swift, on a collection based on the classic TV show, Twin Peaks.

The Great Norther Knits collection is a compilation of 10 sweater patterns with a few accessories sprinkled throughout, and each piece was inspired by some aspect of the show, whether a specific character or just the overall vintage feel of the show.

Some of the sweaters I’m excited to see are:

Too Dreamy showcases a wide twisted rib border, which I LOVE…twisted ribs are probably my favorite accent for any vintage sweater.  And the combination of black and white in the chevron pattern, are just sublime.

And I’m also loving:

I can’t wait to see this finished version of Cherry Pie, this super cosy shawl-collared knit – a definite must knit for this winter!

To help them fund this project, they’ve created a Kickstarter Campaign which you can find here.  As a knitter, I know how hard it is to buy yarn for a large project like this, and then to go beyond that and be able to publish a book?  I’m excited to help them fund their way through, and I really hope that you’ll contribute as well!

Again, the Kickstarter Fund is here.


Next in Queue

This past weekend I spent some time in Charleston with Jason, just wandering around King Street, laying out at Folly Beach, and just trying to do as the locals do.  While I was meandering around one of the shops, there was a gorgeous shawl wrapped around one of the mannequins, and it really made me want to make one for myself.  So I hopped onto Ravelry, and luckily enough, the shawl above appeared in one of the ads.

It’s called Hop Brook by Bonnie Sennott, and it’s the loveliest mix of garter stitch and lace edging that I’ve seen.  And the yarn just showed off the stitches so well, and it turns out the yarn is fairly one of a kind.  It’s woolen-spun fingering weight by the Elsa Wool Company and I ordered some in a perfect shade of winter white.

I can’t wait to get started on this one.  What has got you itching to knit?

More About Quadrat

Yesterday, my Quadrat Cowl pattern launched at Holla Knits for the Winter Accessories Issue.  After seeing the submission call, I din’t have any big “aha” moments for what I wanted to design, or if I even had time to design anything.  A few days later I was working on cleaning out my stash, and I came across a skein of Noro that I had purchased, but never had reason to use.

I’ve always loved seeing the color variants with Noro, especially when it’s featured on a backdrop of garter stitch.  After playing around with a few ideas, I stumbled upon the mitered square.  I knew I wanted to use the subtle striping with the mitered square, but I had to add some sort of color break for the eye, and that’s when I decided to add in the cream border.

The initial swatch that I sent to Allyson at Holla Knits looked a little something like this:

Quadrat Swatch

Once I found my design was accepted, it was time to decide some yarn options.  While Noro was my first thought, I realized that while the colors are stunning, the yarn isn’t exactly the softest, and if you’re going to be wrapping something around your neck, you’re going to want it to be soft!

I finally settled on Knits Picks Chroma Worsted yarn, which is perfectly soft, and the slightest bit fluffy.  I had selected Sandpiper, a pretty mix of blues & greys, but thanks to a little mix up, I was shipped Sandstone, and I’m so glad I was.  The green, brown, and grey mix still blends with my wardrobe, but it’s different from what I would normally have selected, so I’m grateful for that little push!

Once I had the yarn, the cowl was complete in a matter of a couple of weeks.  If it hadn’t been for work and other life commitments, it could easily have been done in a matter of days!