Month in Review | June

June has been a very successful month in knits, it looks like creating a plan (and sticking to it) is actually quite helpful, who knew. My goal this summer was to create a knits wardrobe that would actually get worn in my new home in South Carolina. The heat & humidity here necessitates more cotton & linen that I’ve ever used before, not to mention a need for more loose shapes. Anything too formfitting gets quite uncomfortable very quickly.

I finished the Siena tee by Erika Knight and design tee, and this will be sure to become a casual staple. I really love using this yarn, Studio linen. It’s soft, has a pretty drape and impressive stitch definition. I can’t wait to get started on the Capri pullover with Milk & Lacy (a soft grey/plum color).

I also finished two new Klever Knits Designs that I’ll be writing the patterns for and releasing in early & mid-July. The first (and current fave) is the Azores tank knit with Quince & Co Kestrel. This tank features pretty color blocking, a gentle a-line shape, and a double v-neck.

The next design, Sullivan, is knit with Berroco’s Modern Cotton DK in a fresh cream color. There is minimal shaping and a neat lace ladder accent on the front and back. A cute curved hem on the back piece keeps the design modern. For a more classic look, it’s easy enough to omit the curved hem detail.

So what’s next? It’s only going to get warmer here in July & August, so I’m hoping to continue the light garments. First up is an open-back tee in Quince & Co Willet in Windlass followed by another tank in Willet (Starboard) with accent stripes in Oar & Dory.

Two longer term projects will be Watson, a color blocked tunic in Quince & Co Sparrow in Lunar & Truffle, and a yet-to-be-named a-line tank dress in Studio Linen in teal with stripes in Milk.

In summary:
1. Siena Tee – Erika Knight, Studio Linen in Covet
2. Azores Tank – Klever Knits Designs, Quince & Co Kestrel in Antler, Wave & Pebble
3. Sullivan Tank – Klever Knits Designs, Berroco Modern DK in Sandy Point

Coming Soon:
1. Open back tee – Quince & Co Willet in Windlass
2. Muscle tank – Quince & Co Willet in Starboard, Oar, and Dory
3. Watson – Quince & Co Sparrow in Lunar & Truffle
4. A-line tank dress – Studio Linen in Teal & Milk

1. Double v tank – Studio Linen in Matte Black
2. v-neck swing tank – Quince & Co Sparrow in Blue Spruce
3. Capri Pullover – Studio Linen in Milk & Lacy
4. Black & White linen raglan – Louet Euroflax Sport in Vanilla & Black

A Breeze of Summer


Since my last post, I have made some good progress on my summer knitting plans. I’m very close to finishing the Siena tee with the Erika Knight Studio Linen, and can I say, I love this  yarn! It’s a 100% linen yarn, but 85% of it is composed of recycled linen, so it’s nice and eco friendly (always a plus) and the other 15% is regular natural linen. Somehow the combination is magical – the fabric it produces is strong, but with a gorgeous fluid drape subtle sheen, and much softer than most of the other linen yarns on the market. Plus, the stitch definition can’t be beat. The color palette is perfect for summer as well. For Siena I chose Covet, a delicate dusty rose that fits right at home in my closet.


131 yards  \ 120 meters
My gauge: 20 sts & 28 rows over 4 inches of Stockinette on Size 5 US needles


I’ve also been working on a Klever Knits design that I’m hoping to release by the end of June. It’s a sweet v-neck summer tank worked from the top down with some cool columns of lace stitches. The yarn I chose was Berocco’s Modern Cotton, a dk/lt worsted weigh pima cotton blend yarn (60% Pima Cotton; 40% Modal Rayon). In the fresh cream color Sandy Point, this yarn was perfect for the mood I was going for with this design.


209 yards \ 191 meters
My gauge: 19 sts & 28 rows over 4″ of Stockinette on size 4 US needles

Once these two projects have been completed, I’m looking forward to starting a second Klever Knits design (which still needs a name) using Quince & Co’s Kestrel in Antler, Wave and Pebble.




A New Kind of Summer

As mentioned in me post the other day, the weather in Charleston is creating a big impact on what I am choosing to knit & wear. My wardrobe is seriously lacking in warm weather apparel, and most of the fiber in my stash is wool-based. While it does get cold in Charleston during winter, there are about 5 months of high heat and humidity. This makes wearing and using wool quite impractical.

I have limited quantities of cotton & linen yarns in my stash, and I don’t exactly want to go out and spend a lot of money on random skeins. I’ve taken a page from the Fringe Association handbook and creating a thought out plan for knit projects that will truly enhance the items in my closet. I determined that I would need a few sleeveless tops, two tees, one top with longer sleeves, and perhaps a bright layering cowl for AC exposure.

This will be my working list:

Tanks –
– Basic crew neck shell: Klever Knits Design
– Cowl neck tank: Gretel by CocoKnits
– A-line swing tank: Klever Knits Design

Tees –
– White cotton tee: Klever Knits Design
– Simple Tee: Churchmouse Yarns
– Siena Pullover: Erika Knight

Pullovers –
– Simple Tee (longer sleeve version): Churchmouse Yarns
– Capri: Erika Knight

McCallum Cowl

Cowl –
– McCallum Cowl: Lisa R. Myers

Finished Quick Sand

As part of the tops, tanks, and tees knit-a-long hosted by SoVeryShannon, I was determined to finally finish my Quick Sand Cardigan that I had started on my last vacation – Cabo San Lucas in December. As I’ve mentioned before my knitting was heavily stalled with the preparations for the cross-country move, and another project I’ve been working on as well.

– Pattern: Quicksand by Heidi Kirrmaier
– Yarn: Kestrel by Quince & Co. in Sand
– Needles: Size 9 US to get gauge

The pattern was easy to follow, and quickly became intuitive. The yarn was great to work with, the color is stunning in photographs and in person, and I can’t wait to wear this on hot summer nights in Charleston.

The weather here demands an adjustment in my knitting plans, so even though I love wool and will continue to design with it, I need to step up my game with knit accessories, and knits with non-animal fibers like cotton, linen, and bamboo. I’ve recently been scouring for great summer patterns, and I’m starting to put together a nice knit list. More on that this week!

Setting my Sights on Summer

We are thick in the middle of Spring, and with our recent move fresh in my mind, it has been the best time for cleaning house, both literally and figuratively.  We still have boxes that need unpacking, and furniture that needs building, but slowly the house is coming together piece by piece. The most recent purchase being our dining room table which I love, and was able to use this past weekend.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 6.35.05 PM

This feeling of needing to clean has started to affect my knitting (finally!).  First, focusing on the house has taken away significant amounts of my time, and my energy for that matter, so the amount of knitting I am getting done has decreased as a result.  Since I’m knitting less, I’m being more careful in what I spend my time knitting.  And because I’m being choosier in what I knit, I’m enjoying it more. It’s been awhile since knitting was just something for me. I’ve been so used to posting on instagram all the time, struggling to publish as many patterns as possible.  Without that pressure, I am getting more enjoyments out of just knitting. There are two main projects that I have been working on, both of which happen to be original designs. Once those are completed, I would like to work on the following:

Perkins Cove
Yarn: Sparrow by Quince & Co in Viburnum

Quick Sand
Yarn: Kestrel by Quince & Co in Sand

Atlee Tee
Yarn: Willet by Quince & Co in Windlass

Togue Pond
Yarn: Kestrel by Quince & Co in Urchin

Yarn: Kestrel by Quince & Co in Ash

It is not lost on me that these are all Quince designs & colors 😀

4 Days to Home


We have 4 days left until our house closes, we get the keys, and can start moving in!  This process began back in May of 2016 when Jason was walking around his friend’s neighborhood in North Charleston and came across a new developer community.  Almost 1 year later and we’re moving into that community.

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 10.04.32 AM.png

In my knitting life, I’ve been able to sneak in a few rows here and there on a design I’m hoping to launch by end of March, early April.  Made out of Brooklyn Tweed Loft in Snowbound, it will be light, airy, and perfectly warm for those lingering winter days as we head into spring.  At the same time, I’ve started working on my design submission for Knitscene’s Winter Issue, and all I can say is that it is so cozy!  I want to curl into as I’m knitting it 🙂

Hope you all have a great weekend, next time you hear from me I will be a bonafide resident of South Carolina!


Forever and a Day

I can’t believe how long it has been since I’ve written a post here.  It has been a whirlwind the last month or so, being pulled between designing our new home, packing everything we know into an 8 x 16 foot Pod, and living between homes for 2 1/2 weeks.

Charleston House:


We are making some great progress here, the close date is supposed to be the 28th.  We finally have most of the kitchen done, the paint is up on the walls, and the design elements are coming together.  Still to be completed is the master bath, sun porch, and exterior paint.


The fun part has been looking for the furniture that I’d like to put in the new house, though this has had it’s own challenges: a very opinionated husband and a very tight budget.

The Move:


This took forever!  And countless storage boxes from Target, but I was able to pack up 80% of our house, and the rest we somehow managed to squeeze into this Pod.  The sofa and kitchen table didn’t quite make it, but I’m not so sad about losing those pieces.


The next few weeks are going to be such a whirlwind.  Since it takes at least 2 weeks for the Pod to travel from Huntington Beach to Charleston, we’ve decided to take advantage of our timeshare and stay one week in Tahoe and one week in Napa – working both weeks, but enjoying those weekends as much as possible!

Saturday & Sunday were pretty tough for me, packing up all of my things and saying good bye to all of my friends and family.  It’s nice having this 2 week buffer to sort of settle into the idea of the cross-country move.

In fun knitting news, I found out that I had a design accepted for the Knitscene Winter 2017 Issue!

Seeing Home

I hope everyone has had a great time with their holidays, and have been able to catch up on some much needed relaxation.  Over our break we drove our Jeep across the country, from California to South Carolina.  It took us a little over 9 days to make the drive, including a fun 3-day stop in Colorado to go snowboarding in Vail and Breckenridge which was, in a word, epic.  I had a new board, new bindings, and new pants and everything just seemed to go perfectly.

Once the fun part was over, we had to then drive through Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, and then finally South Carolina.  Most of these we simply just drove through, in the interest of saving time, but we were able to stop for dinner in Nashville which was delicious.

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 10.56.31 AM.png

But being able to see our house in the middle of the building process is something that I can never fully describe.



On the knitting side of things, I have been working furiously to finish up a commissioned knit for Knit Now Magazine, so I haven’t had much to post about.  But I have put together a few of my goals for 2017 and I hope to post about those a little bit later this week.

Gift Knits

A friend of mine had requested that I make some little hats for her cousins, two boys, one 6 months old, and one 2 years old.


For the 6 month old I used O-Wool’s Sport Weight in Brook Trout and Cattail on size 3 US needles.  The 2 year old features Quince & Co Lark in their new colorway, Smoke, on size 7 US needles.


I also decided to make a sweater for Jason’s sister, well, my sister too now!  She requested a sweater that was big and cozy, and matched the color of her surfboard.  I had some stash squirreled away that was the perfect choice – O-Wool’s Chunky Merino in Pearly Mussel.  I can’t wait to post some photos of that one, assuming it fits and she likes it!